Event announcement: D.E.S.C.

Steampunk group shot

What: The Dutch European Steampunk Convention, or D.E.S.C. for short
What: We at Artifakt like to think that the name of the event is self-explanatory :P
Where: De Lindehorst, Meppel, the Netherlands.

For the second year in a row, The Steampunk Objective (mainly their Dutch main chamber) is joining forces with FantasiaFest to host D.E.S.C. an event to bring together European (and steampunks from outside Europe too of course, everyone's welcome!) steampunks and dieselpunks for 4 days of camping, merriment and the fantasy fair (FantasiaFest) right next door!
You'll be able to encounter fellow 'punks from several countries, shop, enjoy good food, good drinks and good company. For those with children, it's a child friendly convention, so you're welcome to bring the little ones!
If you want to see photos of last year's first edition so you have a better idea what to expect, click here.

Photo in this post by Bert Van den Wyngaert, not to be used without permission (yes that includes you Blogspot and Google!).