Event review: TEDxFlanders salon - Save the internet

Event: TEDxFlanders Salon, Save the Internet
When: Thursday, May 22
What: TEDx brainstorm and information evening
Where: De Kleine Hedonist, Antwerp, Belgium

You may wonder why we’re talking about this particular event on this here blog.
The reason is simple: without even delving into the realms of politics, net neutrality affects us all, including steampunks and dieselpunks, as let’s face it, a large portion of our community IS happening online.
We rely on forums, facebook pages, blogs, website, and so on to get information, arrange meetings, find events to attend, find tutorials to help us in our latest creative venture and so on.
Much as we are retrofuturistic, we are also children of the current age, and the internet IS an important part of it.

Therefore we attended TEDxFlanders’ salon about net neutrality, where we could get more information about what the people are doing to keep the internet active and accessible like it is today.

The beautiful thing about TEDx events (which are global, just do a google search to see what’s happening near you) is that they aren’t politically loaded. They aim to spread ideas, to encourage creativity. To give you the information so you can make up your own mind, and possibly get ideas for new things.

Also: if you can’t attend their events, they upload relevant information afterwards, which allows people to (re)view it later.
So if you worry about your project being online, check them out for sure.