Artifakt at TEDxFlanders' main event

Event: TEDxFlanders: Naked
When: Wednesday, March 26 2014
What: a day full of information, inspiration and innovation
Where: Stadsschouwburg, Antwerp, Belgium
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On Wednesday the 26th of March the 4th annual TEDxFlanders main event was held in Antwerp, this time in the Stadsschouwburg.
Now for those unfamiliar with TEDxFlanders, it is the Flemish department, so to speak, of TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Technology.
It's an American non-profit organisation which is internationally present in several events spread over a multitude of countries in their TEDx happenings.

TEDxFlanders is basically a day full of people who are experts in their field that come and speak, providing information and inspiration to those present.
Coupled with an innovation market where you can test some of the latest creations in technological development such as camera carrying drones for aereal photography, the Oculus Rift which is a kind of virtual reality device, a new kind of music sharing, bug tasting (no we're not joking, and by the way waxmoth larvae taste like chicken) and of course socialise and discuss with others visiting the event.

Why am I writing about it here you wonder?

Well because Artifakt was invited to send two representatives in an advisory capacity for steampunk. Basically Bert and myself (Hilde) dressed in two different styles of steampunk and mingled with the other attendants.
People interested could address us and gain more information about the movement this way.
And if all goes well we shall be present again next year with more members and a proper set-up!
So that is most definitely something to look forward to!
We of Artifakt do, and we're very excited about it!

Bert at TedxFlanders

outfit: 26.3.2014 (TedxFlanders)

So if you are interested in new ideas and developments in art, science, politics and so much more (check this year's schedule to get an idea of the program) make sure you can make it to the event (or any other TEDx event near you!).
Ticket price is rather on the steep side, but it's really well worth it considering the wide variety, food and drinks are included as well by the way, so you do get a lot out of it for the price!